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Tüm resmi tatiller ve kutlamalar dünyanın

Abhazya - dünyadaki resmi tatiller (1970-2070)

1970 yılından 2070 yılına kadar olan dünyadaki resmi tatillerin (ve bankaların kapalı olduğu günler) tam takvimi for Abhazya

De facto independent republic since 2008.
Para birimi : Ruble (RUR) ... Burdan çeviriniz !
Hafta sonu: cumartesi ve pazar

Adı Tarihi Tür Daha
Yeni yıl*Perşembe 1 Ocak, 2015Laik tatil 
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Resmi tatilCuma 2 Ocak, 2015Laik tatil 
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Ortodoks Noel*Çarşamba 7 Ocak, 2015Ortodoks 
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Dünyanın yaratılmasıÇarşamba 14 Ocak, 2015Laik tatil 
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Yeni yıl -
Pazar 1 Ocak, 2017

Laik tatil : Türkiye dâhil, dünyadaki çoğu ülke tarafından kullanılan Miladi takvime göre yılın ilk günü.

Resmi tatil -
Pazartesi 2 Ocak, 2017

Laik tatil :

Ortodoks Noel -
Cymartesi 7 Ocak, 2017

Ortodoks : The difference in Christmas celebrations stretches back to 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII ruled the Catholic Church should follow a new calendar – called the Gregorian calendar, more in sync with the sun than the Julian calendar. The Julian calendar was established by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. Because it was the pope who ruled on it, many churches not in sync with the Vatican ignored it, Protestants and Eastern Orthodox among them. Protestants accepted the new calendar in the early 1700s. In 1922, the patriarch of Constantinople decided to follow the new Gregorian calendar in observance of Christmas, but not for Easter. His lead was followed by many other Orthodox churches. The only Orthodox churches that observe the Jan. 7 date are the Russian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian churches, the Serbs and the Mt. Athos monks in Greece,

Dünyanın yaratılması -
Pazar 14 Ocak, 2018

Laik tatil :