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Tüm resmi tatiller ve kutlamalar dünyanın

Butan (Western) - dünyadaki resmi tatiller (1970-2070)


1970 yılından 2070 yılına kadar olan dünyadaki resmi tatillerin (ve bankaların kapalı olduğu günler) tam takvimi for Butan (Western)

The following sectors are not safe for the time being: Indian border
Para birimi : Ngultrum (BTN) ... Burdan çeviriniz !
Hafta sonu: cumartesi ve pazar

Adı Tarihi Tür Daha
Thimphu TshechuPerşembe 10 Ekim, 2019Laik tatil 
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Resmi tatil*Cuma 18 Ekim, 2019Laik tatil 
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Dashain Bayramı*Cymartesi 19 Ekim, 2019Budizm-Hinduizm 
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Buddha'nın Dünyaya inişi*Perşembe 31 Ekim, 2019Budizm (Theravada) 
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Thimphu Tshechu -
Çarşamba 10 Ekim, 2018

Laik tatil :

Resmi tatil -
Perşembe 18 Ekim, 2018

Laik tatil : Election day

Dashain Bayramı -
Cuma 19 Ekim, 2018

Budizm-Hinduizm : The victory of Durga on evil forces, the destruction of Vasanas (subjectivity, selfishness, desires...) and the achievement of the deepest Self. Dominance of Saraswati (pure science) over Lakshmi (applied science)

Buddha'nın Dünyaya inişi -
Çarşamba 31 Ekim, 2018

Budizm (Theravada) : Celebration of his return to earth from heaven. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal, and his mother expired after seven days. At the age of 41, he ascended to heaven to preach to his mother. Nuns and monks and king Zug Chen Nyingpo were worried because they did not know where hewas. His disciple, the clairvoyant Sharibu, had a vision of the lord to be in heaven. Another disciple of Lord Buddha, Mao gyel ge bu, who was known to possess miraculous powers, ascended to heaven and requested Buddha to return to earth. He agreed to descend.