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Tüm resmi tatiller ve kutlamalar dünyanın

İran (İslam Cumhuriyeti) - dünyadaki resmi tatiller (1970-2070)

1970 yılından 2070 yılına kadar olan dünyadaki resmi tatillerin (ve bankaların kapalı olduğu günler) tam takvimi for İran (İslam Cumhuriyeti)

Tatil günleri sayısı ile, İran dünya rekoru kırıyor (hafta sonları dahil, yılın 132 günü tatildir). İş seyahatine gitmeden önce, iyi bilgi edinin.
Para birimi : Rial (IRR) ... Burdan çeviriniz !
Hafta sonu: perşembe ve cuma

ermenice (6 milyon kişi tarafından konuşuluyor), azerice (10 milyon kişi tarafından konuşuluyor), farsca (45 milyon kişi tarafından konuşuluyor), kürtçe (20 milyon kişi tarafından konuşuluyor), bölgelere ait olan diller, paştu dili (18 milyon kişi tarafından konuşuluyor) ...
Edıt' le irtibat kurun !

Adı Tarihi Tür Daha
Hazreti Muhammed'in göğe yükselişiPazartesi 5 Mayıs, 2014İslâm 
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Omar Khayyam Day*Cymartesi 17 Mayıs, 2014Özel Etkinlikler 
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Imam Malhdi’nin Doğum Günü*Perşembe 22 Mayıs, 2014Laik tatil 
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Iran Food & Bev Tec**Cuma 30 Mayıs, 2014Ticaret fuarları 
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Imam Khomeini’nin Ölümü*Salı 3 Haziran, 2014Laik tatil 
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Şaha karşı yapılan ayaklanmanın yıldönümü*Çarşamba 4 Haziran, 2014Laik tatil 
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Çocuklar ve Genç Yetişkinler için Edebiyatı Ulusal Günü**Pazar 8 Haziran, 2014Özel Etkinlikler 
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Yaz tatili (başlangıç)Pazar 15 Haziran, 2014Yukarıdaki resmi tatillere ilave okul tatilleri (bölgeye göre değişebilir) 
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Ulusal Çiçek Günü*Pazar 15 Haziran, 2014Özel Etkinlikler 
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Imam Ali’nin şehit düşmesi*Cuma 27 Haziran, 2014Laik tatil 
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Hazreti Muhammed'in göğe yükselişi -
Perşembe 5 Mayıs, 2016

İslâm :

Omar Khayyam Day -
Çarşamba 17 Mayıs, 2017

Kültür : Omar Khayyam (1048-1131), a Persian mathematician, astronomer and poet, was renowned in his own country and in his own lifetime for his scientific achievements, but is chiefly known to English-speaking readers through the translation by the English writer Edward Fitzgerald of a collection of his Rubaiyat (“quatrains”) in “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” (1859).

Imam Malhdi’nin Doğum Günü -
Pazar 22 Mayıs, 2016

Laik tatil : Muhammad al-Mahdī (born 868) is the twelfth and final Shi'a Imam. He is the person believed by Shi'as to be the Mahdi; a figure considered by both Sunnis and Shias to be the ultimate saviour of humankind. Shi'as believe that he was born in 868 and has been hidden by God to later emerge to fulfill his mission. They believe that in the future he will bring absolute peace and justice throughout the world by establishing Islam as the global religion.

Iran Food & Bev Tec -
Pazartesi 30 Mayıs, 2016

Ticaret fuarları : Lasts 4 days - http://www.iran-foodbevtec.com in Tehran

Imam Khomeini’nin Ölümü -
Cuma 3 Haziran, 2016

Laik tatil : Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini (May 17, 1900? - June 3, 1989) was a Shi'a Muslim cleric, and the political and spiritual leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution which saw the overthrow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran. Following the Revolution, Khomeini held the office of Supreme Leader, the paramount figure in the political system of the new Islamic Republic, and retained this position until his death. Khomeini was considered a spiritual leader to many Shi'a Muslims, and in Iran is officially addressed as Imam rather than Ayatollah. Khomeini was also a highly influential and innovative Islamic political theorist, most noted for his development of the theory of the guardianship of the jurisconsult .

Şaha karşı yapılan ayaklanmanın yıldönümü -
Cymartesi 4 Haziran, 2016

Laik tatil : On the afternoon of June 3, 1963, Khomeini delivered a speech in which he warned the Shah that if he did not change his ways the day would come when the people would offer up thanks for his departure from the country. The immediate effect of the Imam's speech was his arrest two days later at 3 a.m. by a group of commandos, who hastily transferred him to the Qasr Prison in Tehran. As dawn broke on June 4, the news of his arrest spread first through Qom and then to other cities. Masses of angry demonstrators were confronted by tanks and ruthlessly slaughtered. It was not until six days later that order was fully restored. This uprising of Khordad 15, 1342 (the day in the Iranian calendar on which it began) marked a turning point in Iranian history. The events of the 15th of Khordadcan indeed be characterized as the prelude to the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79.

Çocuklar ve Genç Yetişkinler için Edebiyatı Ulusal Günü -
Çarşamba 8 Haziran, 2016

Kültür : Marks the death anniversary of the celebrated Iranian children author Mehdi Azar Yazdi from 2012 onwards

Yaz tatili (başlangıç) -
Çarşamba 15 Haziran, 2016

Okul bayramlar (lütfen double giriş) :

Ulusal Çiçek Günü -
Çarşamba 15 Haziran, 2016

Kültür : On this day flowers are planted in green areas, the Martyry Section of the Behesht Zahra cemetery is showered with flowers

Imam Ali’nin şehit düşmesi -
Pazartesi 27 Haziran, 2016

Laik tatil : According to tradition, three Muslim zealots (purists later termed Kharijites) had agreed to assassinate Ali, Mu'awiyah and `Amr. The assassins sent against Mu'awiyah and `Amr failed; the only assassin who succeeded was the one who attacked Ali. Ali suffered a mortal head wound on the 19th of Ramadan while he was performing morning prayers in mosque in the city of Kufa. Some say that the sword that wounded him was poisoned. According to the Shia tradition, as he was being struck, Ali said By the Lord of the Ka'bah, I have succeeded !