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Ortodoks : dini bayramlar

Adı Tarihi Tür Daha
Saint Cyril (Aziz Cyril) ve Saint Methode (Aziz Methode)*Pazar 5 Temmuz, 2015Ortodoks 
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Bakire Dormition*Cymartesi 15 Ağustos, 2015Ortodoks 
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Dini kutlama (Bu, ulusal bir tatil değildir)**Cuma 28 Ağustos, 2015Ortodoks 
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Saint Cyril (Aziz Cyril) ve Saint Methode (Aziz Methode) -
Çarşamba 5 Temmuz, 2017

Ortodoks : Cyril and Methodius were two brothers born in Thessaloniki in the Byzantine Empire in the 9th century, who became missionaries of Christianity in Khazaria and Great Moravia. They both perfected a Slavonic alphabet which is now known as the Cyrillic alphabet and translated the liturgy into this language. Wikipedia

Bakire Dormition -
Pazartesi 15 Ağustos, 2016

Ortodoks : Adormirea Maicii Domnului refers to the feast commemorating what is believed to be the miraculous transport of Mary, in bodily form, to Heaven after her death. Some accounts claim that she died in Jerusalem; others put her death at the Graeco-Roman city of Ephesus, now in Turkey, and the site of an alleged House of the Virgin Mary . since 2008

Dini kutlama (Bu, ulusal bir tatil değildir) -
Pazar 28 Ağustos, 2016

Ortodoks : Golema Bogorodica (Dormition of the Holy Mother of God) only observed by the Orthodox community