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Katolik veya protestan : dini bayramlar

Katolik veya protestan : önümüzdeki 2 ay üzerinde dünya çapındaki dini bayram ve kutlamalar takvimi

Adı Tarihi Tür Daha
Görünüş**Cymartesi 6 Ocak, 2018Katolik veya protestan 
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Kül çarşambası (tıklayın)**Çarşamba 14 Şubat, 2018Katolik veya protestan 
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Bölgesel tatil**Pazartesi 19 Şubat, 2018Katolik veya protestan 
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Görünüş -
Pazar 6 Ocak, 2019

Katolik veya protestan : The term comes from ancient Greek and means appearance . Celebrated on the 6th January, this feast corresponds to the presentation of Child Jesus to the Magi. This is the day of Jesus' first miracle, the Wedding in Cana , and the day of his own baptism Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Kül çarşambası (tıklayın) -
Çarşamba 14 Şubat, 2018

Katolik veya protestan : Galicia'da (İspanya), yalnızca Pontevedra şehirinde. Bazı Antil adalarında, Karnavalın sona erişini belirtiyor. Christian observance to begin the 40 day season of Lent. Ashes are marked on worshippers as a sign of penitence.

Bölgesel tatil -
Pazartesi 19 Şubat, 2018

Katolik veya protestan : İki gün sürebilir. www.fasnachts-comite.ch (almanca)'dan kontrol edebilirsiniz, çünkü bir çok eğ lence vardır. in Basel only It all begins with what is known as the Morgestraich. At exactly 4 a.m., all the lights in the city center go off. Out of the pitch darkness, the sound of drums and piccolos waft through the cold night air. Closer and closer it comes, and a faint light glows in the distance. Suddenly, there they are, coming from all directions, the musicians and marchers of the city’s Fasnacht cliques. Each wears a masks. Some have small lamps on their heads. They carry painted lanterns that mock things that happend during the past year.